Teaching parents how to raise responsible citizens with strong moral values and a healthy work ethic by focusing on character development, problem solving techniques, household skills, community involvement, and family teamwork.

No Nonsense Parent Education



  • Do your children listen to you when you ask them to do something?
  • Do they help with chores even if they are only 2 years old?
  • Do they speak to you and other adults with respect?
  • Are you building a spiritual foundation that will sustain them throughout life?
  • Is everyone so busy that life has become stressful?
  • Do you spend hours helping your children with homework?
  • How much one-on-one time do you spend with your mate? Is he or she number one in your life?
  • If you are single, do you feel overwhelmed with parenting?
  • Do you make time for yourself?
  • Is your teen becoming more defiant and disrespectful as time passes?
  • Do you have scheduled peaceful and enriching family dinners on a regular basis?
  • Is everyone so entrenched in technology that real relationships are being sacrificed?
  • Do your children know how to actively listen?
  • Are you an expectant or new mother and want to start out with successful parenting tools to make your job easier



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